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Cool Stardate September '18 and Captain Kirk is confused

Originally Posted by James T Kirk View Post

George Lucas is married to a nigger. So how could Star Wars - his creation - be anti-nigger???

George Lucas With Nigger Wife (she keeps his honkie ass in line, muthafuckah!)
When a 'Trekkie' is faced with Star Wars . .

For the record , Kirk , this is what your successor thinks about that post . .

Sorry , don't mean to provoke here man , yet consider the following . .

George Lucas' ass is in Hollywood . . .

In order to succeed in Hollywood you must prove your devotion to the New World Order . .

I doubt him being in with a groid bitch was his free will . .

On a side note , I remember once reading a statement by Lucas in an interview that he was quite 'mildly' in a sexual way . In other words that he preferred lonliness over constant sexual activity . .

What an eremite . .

I suppose he spends the whole day meditating about the 'Force' . .

Ommmmmm . . .

Probably the Hollywood kikes faced him with a choice . .

Showing himself embracing multiculti in public or . .

In order to succeed in Hollywood you have to sell your soul to the devil . . I might add , Negroes come close to that . .

So maybe they just sought to punish him . .

Plausible ?

Now . .