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Originally Posted by Donncha Dennis View Post
Long post so I wont go into a critique of everything you wrote. You made some good points but also bad ones. Some things you overlooked. While its true a militia doesnt need to fight conventionally fighting a guerilla war is not always a means to end. Message me if you want to go over the points in your article.
No two militia's will ever agree on how things should be done, but so long as they get the job done that is all that matters. A grand example is desert fighting in Arizona vs. mountain warfare in West Virginia, what works for one will never work for the other nor are the situations going to be the same. As for the guerilla warfare bit, that is how it starts. Anyone who thinks they are going to just march out, form ranks, blow a horn and one-two, one-two into the machineguns and win should be avoided like the plague. Warfare the kind of which whites will have to fight in order to regain the nation and our race moves in stages:
1. Guerilla warfare
2. Para-conventional warfare
3. Conventional warfare

Each step because at first there is nothing you can do until you build up momentum, hamstring the enemies efforts and capture arms, munitions and equipment. Upon the second stage you have the arms, training, experience and numbers to take land back from the enemy and deny it to them on a limited scale but must still use guerilla tactics. Finally is the third stage where you have forced them out of large swaths of land, must defend your rebuilding efforts, industry and agriculture from their counter attacks. Does this mean guerilla warfare or para-conventional warfare stops? Never. Not for one second. However, there will become a great emphasis on the bigger picture as time goes on instead of just trying to push them out of Bill's back yard.

Not everything can be covered in a single posting which is why there are countless VOLUMES on warfare out there, none of which can be boiled down to less than ten pages. Also, you will never find two books agreeing on how something should be done unless they all come from someone in the military, because they all went to the same school.

Figure out what works for you in your area, do it, get the job done.
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