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Men catch 15-foot-long, 144-pound python in the Florida Everglades

Snake wranglers Nick Banos and Leonardo Sanchez had a career-making catch during a hunt in the Florida Everglades on Saturday when they wrestled a 15-foot, 144-pound python into submission.

The pair spotted the snake in the brush on the side of a levee where the trees meet the water. It quickly bolted into the bushes and trees when Sanchez jumped to grab it.

“We had to fight it in those trees to get it out,” Banos, 24, told CBS News. “This snake can easily take out a 170-pound man.”

After a few minutes, the hunters were able to take control of the python. One man grabbed the top of its neck, the other carried the tail.

“You have to make sure you have it stretched out,” Banos explained. “Otherwise it’s going to be hard to keep control.”