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Default National Geographic's The Cold War

I saw this documentary, and enjoyed it. First of all, it's in color, part of the new colorizing process that seems to be the rage, and it looks very good, and the color very natural.

I like how it shows things about the Cold War we didn't see earlier. I was very grateful they showed the expulsion of Germans from Eastern Europe, and all their suffering, as well as a lot of allied b.s. in ignoring local atrocities.

Also, showing how the communists gained power in Eastern Europe was informative. The Red Army was naturally in control, but the Soviets used a lot of fake parties promising 'democracy' to get the reds in power so they could claim to be genuine people's national movements. They kind pulled the wool over allied eyes at first.

Also, showed how the reds almost took over France and Italy, moving in after all the right-wing groups (fascist and Vichy) had been rooted out, leaving a vacuum. A lot of red tactics were very similar to Antifa.

What was interesting was Czechoslovakia. The Czechs actually cheered the red army, expecting them to liberate then leave. Instead, the communists infiltrated local parties, and essentially outmaneuvered the 'conservatives' and 'liberals.' Finally, the reds formed large, massive street rallies, shouting down and threatening other groups, who just gave up...sound familiar?

I was never that crazy about the Czechs. They never fight. In 1938, 1948, 1968...they just took it.

It was a balanced commentary, and as I said, so much of what the reds did looks like Antifa's tactics. The difference was, America finally woke up and did something...who will wake up and save us?