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yeah looks like the National Geographic Channel is THE channel now the cable companies use to lure you into the most expensive package.

this Drain the Oceans series is really good. They can scan the mud at the bottom of the ocean and create 3-D imaging way down under the sea floor.

the one series on the invasion of Japan by Ghenghis Khan was excellent but I don't see it on youtube. Anyways that is where the name 'Kamikaze' came from, there was something like 4000 ships about to invade Japan, Ghenghis Khan was going to conquer Japan with an overwhelming invasion, but a huge cat 5 typhoon wiped out the entire fleet before it landed. that's what The Divine Wind was. Kami Kazi

Thing about that is ,, just imagine how different the world would have played out if Ghenghis Khan had conquered Japan. That would have really altered the world so much. Just makes you wonder, how sometimes divine intervention occurs, under what circumstances and for what reasons. I mean, why wasn't the magic life force of those other people's strong enough to fend off Ghenghis Khan?

on a side note, did you know who those Uyghurs being put in concentration camps are, historically?? The Uyghur language was the written language of the Ghengis Khan empire, the Uyghurs were the scribes and administrators of the Khan empire

I have to get off into speculation, why the anti christ forces might want to seal the psychic wormhole to the Ghenghis Khan dimension, but there is definitely something to that in the things that they do. It's truly unmistakable. Like the whole 'De Nazification' of Germany or the 'De-Baathification' of Iraq. They want to destroy the rememberance of things in people's consciousness for mystical reasons. It's true. Just like Jews history being remembered, from thousands of years ago, what does it do to your mind when you remember your childhood in vivid detail? or you tap into those race memories of your parents or grandparents?? it's powerful. more than that, it raises your consciousness. you become part of the super organism. when those memories of your grandparents are triggered, now you share them with all their descendents. there is no 'you' or 'I', you become one. a superorganism.

The top witches fear the ghosts of Great men of the past. Ghenghis Khan's consiousness , his DNa exists in 16 million Chinese. they have his y chromosome.

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