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Oscar Yeager
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Oscar Yeager

Wyte Fite and whitepower101 are the same person. I've seen this scammer in various obscure enclaves on the net. This guy is a laughing stock.

He's had several accounts on here before (and in various other places), but always seems to get banned for saying dumb shit. Funny enough he had a court order to remove all of his content within two weeks (after being caught with illegal firearms + defacing currency), yet I still see him around promoting his hysterical polemics. You could tell it's him by his homoerotic thumbnails and laughable all-caps titles typically involving Jews. He is either an agent who took a reduced sentence to continue making us look bad, or is a useful idiot that I'm sure those in the alphabet agencies watching him are rolling on the floor laughing whenever he shares his latest poorly-punctuated turgid trash.