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We use a few of the ones mentioned all the time

We always say:

"Nigger rig"
"That's mighty white of you"
"I reckon"
"coon's age"
don't jew me or he tried to jew me down or I like to say "quit being such a jew"

When the kids are running around the house and being loud when we are on the phone or whatnot we use the "quit acting like a bunch of little niggers"

When asked to do something by one of the kids (things that they should do themselves, like pick up after themselves) I've been known to say "who was your nigger last year"

Dave always uses the "you can't piss down my back and tell me it's raining"

We sometimes use "paddle your poodle" in reverence to kids getting a butt whippin'

We use the term "pet" as in "look those white people bought them a pet" when referencing a white couple who adopt brown kids

We sing the kids song "enie meenie miny mo, catch a NIGGER by his toe" now they have changed it to tiger or some such nonsense.
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