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How does one: kill two people in a car and make it look like a accidental car crash.

This would seem to be a very complicated thing to do. Remember, this is not a Jewlywood movie script.
  • How many weeks of planning would be needed to assure success? Seems like the "confidential" informant would have only had a short period of time to make his (ops his/her) plans? How long had Steele's wife been planing the trip?
  • What is the likely of success if "confidential" informant was doing this for the first time? Why would Steele have confidence that "confidential" informant would be psychologically able to deal with the killing of two people who did nothing to him?
  • How familiar would the individual who was going to cause the accident need to be with the road and surrounding area were the accident was to occur? Is the traffic heavy, is the in wooded area, etc. Seems likely the "confidential" informant may have had no idea and may have been completely unfamiliar with the area (Oregon) were the accident was to occur?
  • How familiar would the individual need to be with daily routine of the persons to be in the accident? Since Steele's wife was just visiting her mother-in-law, there would have been no daily routine for the "confidential" informant to plans from. Does the mother-in-law own a car and if so wouldn't there be a chance of the Steele's wife and mother-in-law could have used that car during their visit?
  • Was the "confidential" informant going to randomly follow his two victims around waiting for the right moment to cause the fatal accident? Would he be concerned he would be spotted by the victims or caught on a surveillance camera. Was the "confidential" informant going to drive around Oregon with Idaho plates?
  • Certainly Steele would have known he would have been the number one suspect no matter if he had a alibi or not. Surely he would have realized that his every move was being monitored anyway, surely Steele would have known there would have been no way he could have transferred $25,000 and then another $100,000 to the killer or killer's family without being caught. Steele may well be on a list of American terrorist!
  • Given that Steele's wife was driving a SUV with seat belts and air bags, just how much destruction/impact going to be needed to cause a fatal accident. And given that the women is the car were older and elderly, just what was the chance that they would be have been traveling at a high enough rate of speed to cause significant damage that could cause two fatalities.
  • If the attempt to create the accident failed and the "confidential" informant was caught, surely it would have only been a matter of time before the authorities connected the "confidential" informant to Steele.
  • Surely Steele is smarter then the "confidential" informant, and if Steele did want "confidential" informant to kill his wife and mother-in-law Steele certainly would have mapped out in great detail the plans for the accident. Smarter men to not trust lesser men to to get something of importance done and it is obvious that this accident was extremely important.

If the accusation are true, Steele would have spent months planing the murder of his wife and mother-in-law. Surely he would have seen that the plan had virtually no chance of being successful. Steele is a lawyer and likely could find many more potential points of failure then those listed above. And like the say, if one other person knows, everybody knows.

So it would seem much more probable, that if Steele wanted to kill his wife he would have done it some way where he would not have had to involved somebody else. For example, and accident during a rafting or mountain hiking or a created a suicide. Sure, Steele may not have had an air tight alibi, but nobody else would have known the truth and Steele just could have rolled the dice.

But given all the above, the authorities claim to have Steele on tape ...