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Default Local and Regional Politics: Your observations please.

I would like some insight as to what local and regional politics are like.

I would highly value reflections on experience from those of you who have seen it first-hand, whether you've run for an office or just been part of campaigns.

As a man of late 20's now, I may consider future political ambitions, and would like to know what is potent and worth focusing on, what is met with deaf ears and worthless, and what is crucial to avoid.

More particularly, what is key in building from an unknown to an ardent following. We saw this with Ron Paul running with his anti-fed message, but this was capitalizing on a trend with the internet. The tea party fervor and rise to prominence I cannot explain, since I do not keep up with them.

Is this more or less about putting on a nice suit, getting the John Edwards special $500 haircut, speaking clearly and confidently, and twisting the emotional knife in the most presently talked about trends? Is that the supposed "blueprint to cultivating a political following" today?