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Another Kosher Communist Obituary

On Semitic Controversies I frequently comment on the latest rigmaroles, whines and general denunciations of the London-based Socialist History Society as well as their monthly journal articles, contributions and miscellany. As I have now had time to fully read the latest newsletter; that of August 2010, I would like to add another notch in this supposedly egalitarian group’s strange obsession with the self-chosen ones.

Now on p. 5 of the Socialist History Society’s Newsletter for August 2010 we find a laudatory obituary by the presumably gentile David Morgan for a certain Marian Slingova-Fagan who was herself; despite her unfortunate double-barrelled surname, a gentile as well. Having been born Marian Wilbraham in New Zealand in 1913: the budding wind-bag won a place at Oxford University and became involved in left-wing anti-fascist politics having been; as Morgan implies, deluded enough by Marx’s secular halakhah to join the Communist Party of Great Britain (better known to students of Marxism by its acronym: the CPGB) where she evidently met many a hooked nose at the CPGB’s infamous King Street headquarters.

While she was part of the kosher crusade to save humanity; specifically the Czech portion of the world, from general sanity Miss Wilbraham acquired a taste for the circumcised Bolsheviks that she met in the ‘underground’ and as Morgan records she married one; Otto Sling, at an unspecified time either just before or during the Second World War. Morgan records that Miss Wilbraham was specifically engaged in helping Czech refugees; specifically communist and/or jewish ones (after all some members of the ‘working class’ are more equal than others… right?), and one of these refugees was; of course, Otto Sling.

Now after aiding in the brutal attempted near extermination of the German nation and its ‘working class’ Mrs Marian Sling; as she was now known, decided that she and her lecherous husband would go to the now Communist Czechoslovakia. Of course the new Bolshevik masters; complete with their secular Talmud ‘Das Kapital’, welcomed their fellow member of the tribe and his gullible shiksa appointing Sling as Communist Party Secretary of the important Brno region. Morgan; of course, does not speak of the massacres and general oppression orchestrated by Sling and his gullible wife who no doubt was enjoying the joys of ostensibly being a part of the Communist elite.

However all this came to an abrupt end when the all too obviously jewish elite of the Czechoslovakian Communist Party were removed; partly by popular acclaim that the jews be removed and partly because the obviously overly jewish establishment was felt rightly or wrongly to be more loyal to their fellow jews than to the Marxist-Leninist cause, and Sling; like his more prominent fellow member of the tribe Rudolf Slansky, was executed in 1952. Morgan predictably makes a big fuss about this ‘injustice’ but doesn’t bother to say one word about Slansky or Sling’s non-jewish victims but rather Morgan just sees it as a problem if jewish communists are executed. I mean who cares about the insignificant goyim when the Chosen of Hashem/Yahweh are being brought to book? Oy vey!

Mrs Sling was; of course, also promptly taken from her bourgeoisie lifestyle and cares and thrown in prison for various crimes; that Morgan claims were ‘trumped up’, against the Czech people. She stayed in this condition for two years before being released after this short sentence: probably because she was a foreign national. (1)

When Mrs Sling returned to the United Kingdom she continued her pro-Communist campaign in spite of her experiences; after all a leopard doesn’t change its spots, and was involved in various subversive organisations from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament to the Women’s Peace Camp on Greenham Common. Mrs Sling however had not in this time lost her taste for the circumcised and married yet another jewish Bolshevik; one Hymie Fagan, in 1977. Mrs Slingova-Fagan ended her unfortunately long, diseased and miserable existence in July 2010 at the age of 97.

An appreciation was predictably published by her jewish son; Karel Schling, in the Guardian on the 19th of July and an obituary also appeared in the Independent. But we should end on a positive note: at least the devils in hell get a new favourite plaything.


(1) This in indirectly suggested by a fellow British communist who also lived in Czechoslovakia in the period that Mrs Sling was released in Denis Hill, 1989, ‘Seeing Red, Being Green: The Life and Times of a Southern Rebel’, 1st Edition, Iconoclast: Brighton, pp. 283-297.


This was originally published at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...-obituary.html

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