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Default A friend phoned to suggest I read all posts this morning and block none of those posting...

My only new reaction to a large number of recent posts I'd "ignored" is that I'd be interested to have the contact information and price to obtain the official trial transcript which ought to be easy for someone who already obtained it. My experience has been that transcripts were pretty expensive. I don't distrust someone just because they have money but spending big bucks and a dispreportionate amount of time on an apparently private prosecution at least alerts me to take a closer look.

Once again, I've not taken a position on Ed Steele's guilt or innocence as I have no way of knowing. I believe his writings have stand-alone value as does the work of the late William Pierce, Ph.D., David Duke, et al., regardless of the men's personal characters.

I do think that a friend is a lot like a solid domestic dog that, once bonded to you, puts up foolishness, abuse, what have you, and still remains loyal: Some of my friends are entirely too liberal, shallow in their thinking, undisciplined, and promiscuous and all that ends such a relationship for me is evidence of disloyalty. Steele overcame much of his confessed Seventh-day Adventist* unbringing and made solid contributions to much of what I think was sorely needed by many who sincerely post here: That proves that one can overcome one's environment.

Furthermore, I'd want to read the original of anything that I thought to consider seriously, including the letter most recently received from Edgar J. Steele [[email protected]], since it contained at least a parenthetical introduction that was apparently removed by Mr. Pauly. I don't have time to compare what someone else posts with the original and only take the time to read propaganda from trusted sources. What bothers me most but not exclusively about Pauly posts is their tone. Never mind that he claims to be a Senior Editor at WIKIPEDIA which, I suppose, is like being a Senior Member here.

If duplicate posts are a problem, the site owner could modify the software to prevent the reams of duplications on these pages that result from quoting previous posts. Or he could just remove duplicate posts such as those that seem to bother Mr. Pauly so much.

Furthermore, I have an abiding distrust of WIKIPEDIA if for no other reason than the financial success of its founder and the Google page rank of WIKIPEDIA'S take on everything: http://www.scroogle.org/gifs/jimbo3.gif
http://www.scroogle.org/gifs/wikilove.gif http://www.scroogle.org/gifs/face4.jpg http://www.scroogle.org/gifs/geek6.gif

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* Seventh-day Adventism is the cult of a self-confessed brain-damaged Jewess, Ellen Gould White, apparently also a plagerist. All those I've known were Zionists-- wannabe Jews if you will. Church members are trained from birth to at least tithe. Their most malignant contribution has been mother-headed households and what it does to their offspring who would be men, not unlike black widow spiders killing their mates after they mate. In my experience, they tend to be a pretty wimpy, irrational bunch. Ed Steele would appear to be the exception.

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