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Default More Kosher goings on at the Socialist History Society

More Kosher goings on at the Socialist History Society

When I originally joined the Socialist History Society a few years ago I did so to aid my academic research into Marxism and those who believe in it (well sorry take it seriously). I wasn’t really expecting the society; which is circa 240 members strong (including something of an international membership of which I am part), to be really be quite as kosher as it has been. The most recent newsletter; that of August 2011, (1) has just come through the international postage system and it like its predecessors is absolutely chock-a-block full of whining about the self-chosen of Yahweh or jews kvetching about something or other.

Aside from a cover article on page one by the redoubtable Mike Squires (who is actually one of the nicest of all the SHS’ coterie of out-of-date and overweight ‘revolutionaries’) that hilariously (or not if you don’t have my slightly morbid sense of humour) spends two printed columns whining about how negroes were ‘mistreated’ by the evil ‘imperialists’ during the Mao Mao uprisings in Kenya. (2) Squires makes quite the hullabaloo about how supposedly ‘100,000’ Kenyans were ‘tortured’, ‘sodomised with broken bottles and vermin’, ‘raped’, ‘castrated’ and/or ‘set alight’. Squires; of course, doesn’t seem to have noticed that that is all a little bit incredible and seems to hold to the theory of evidence attested to by some of those he would attack in the 1940s and 1950s ‘red scare’ whereby any story about communists (in this case ‘evil white imperialists’) could be believed precisely because the ‘evil’ party could and would do anything.

I would also point out that; of course, Squires doesn’t mention the rapes of British and European women, the butchering of families (who had done nothing more than live in Kenya), the carving up by the deranged Mao Mao of any negro who happened to work with a British or European family and so forth. Of course such deaths matter not when you are Marxist: for the evil imperialist is not a human being but an abstract parasite.

Oh the irony of Marxists pretending that superstitious negroes (the Mao Mao made their own primitive guns which usually killed them when they tried to shoot anyone with these technological marvels) are part of the ‘global proletariat’ and rising against the ‘evil imperialists’. Is there any end to the delusion of those who actually believe Marx’s secular halakhah? I bet Moor (Marx’s nickname) is chuckling in his grave as even he stated that he was certainly not a Marxist (meaning he wasn’t interested in following but rather leading).

Aside from general appointments the SHS’ jewish co-chair (June Cohen) has stepped down to be replaced with an ostensible gentile (Greta Sykes) although Cohen will apparently still be very much an active part of the society. (3) In spite of losing this kosher face among the committee we find that two new jews have wormed their way into the higher echelons of the SHS. Charlie Pottins; who at first glance you’d never think was a jew, has been moved in to replace Professor Willie Thompson (who like the rest of the SHS’ membership and leadership seems to have a double or triple chin [odd for de-classed intellectual proletarians: no?]) in the SHS committee and is explicitly mentioned to be a long-standing member of the ‘Jewish Socialists’ Group’ (an SHS affiliate). (4)

The other member of the indomitable tribe who has popped into power is Deborah Lavin: a jewess who spends her time being a third-rate playwright and the rest of it far more successfully writing interesting and quite original work on some neglected aspects of Marx and his life. (5) Lavin has apparently been given the responsibility; without any apparent sense of irony, of making sure regular ‘collections’ are made at meetings. In spite of her tribe’s habit in Eastern Europe of forming the proverbial bourgeoisie between the Polish and German aristocracy and land-owners and the Slavic peasants on the other and for whom the latter got so annoyed they took just about every opportunity to unleash pogroms on Yahweh’s little lovelies.

Eric Hobsbawm; the jewish Stalinist who is the SHS’ honorary chairman, also deigned to address the SHS in conjunction to his advertising his rather odd book: ‘How to Change the World’ (which we will review on SC in due course). He seems to have offered a few anecdotes and some observations about the SHS’ predecessor: the Communist Party Historians Group. (6) However the decrepit jew seems to have been somewhat out of his usual form and not gone in for the usual ‘kill the bourgeoisie’ rhetoric that he has gone in so much for at past events and historically. So much so that Robert Conquest; the preeminent historian of the Soviet purges, labelled him an outright apologist for left-wing atrocities and Slavoj Zizek’s (a Marxist himself) characterisation of the leftist intellectual apologist for Marxism who lives in the West and says his heart is in the USSR (or whichever Marxist country he/she admires most) is most befitting in Hobsbawm’s case.

As an aside we have an article by David Morgan; who seems to be the SHS’ version of the village idiot (but being Marxists they have elected him as part of the leadership), (7) has included a write-up of a local historians presentation on the East End: all three of the ladies concerned are obviously overweight (again what happened to the proletariat that is struggling to make ends meet?) and one of them; Janine Booth, looks like she has downs syndrome but obviously doesn’t (as she is intellectually quite able). (8) Booth seems to also be something of a communist activist which probably accounts for something of why the socialists and communists habitually fail at most things they do (aside from living on another intellectual planet from the material universe their bodies reside in).

However to not seem ungenerous to Booth: who truth be told can’t help looking as she does the other two ladies (both of whom seem to have strongly left-wing politics implied by Morgan’s descriptions) are not exactly female models either as Samantha Bird has a double chin (and looks like she’s going for the triple) and Sarah Wise looks like she’s been at the jellied eels once too often. I am shocked to report that for once in the newsletter there is no mention of the jews particularly as the East End was filled with ‘working-class communists’ all with literal or proverbial side-locks and kippot. (9) I would point out briefly that some of the best local history of the East End of London maybe found in an unusual genre; the Jack the Ripper literature, notably in Paul Begg’s recent opus on the subject (the ‘Ripperologists’ having no axe to grind tend to be far more objective than any ‘local historian’ with a fetish for Marx). (10)

In spite of my amazement at the lack of the mention of the heavily jewish communist locals in the East End we find more ‘myths’ about jews being confirmed by the long-time communist activist and trade unionist Bill Brooks. Brooks mentions the jewish communist Sid Kaufmann to the following effect:

‘There were other British Communists besides me in Singapore, notably Sid Kaufmann who I first met on a troopship to India. Sid was an NCO who worked at General HQ.’ (11)

So what was that about jews hiding behind the lines and being afraid of combat Bill? Oh yes that’s right: it is an ‘evil Nazi stereotype’ with no semblance to the reality isn’t it? It is a shame that the editors of the newsletter are so utterly incompetent; as they’ve managed to edit out the second half of Bill Brookes interesting plunge into communist treachery (pp. 12-13 are the same as pp. 14-15). Perhaps they have had a printers strike again over poor working conditions?
Regardless Brookes makes another indiscreet admission when he tells us why nasty nationalists like us don’t like communists very much and consider them to this day to be subversives when he tells us that the communists in the British army gave the Malayan communist ‘resistance’ all the maps the British were using allowing the Malayans to kill as many of Mike Squires’ ‘evil imperialists’. (12)

What are the Marxists going to say to Bill Brooks’ outright confession that Communists are subversives? Accuse him of being a reactionary? Let’s hope so: a good party squabble is better entertainment than Hollywood’s depleted stable of films these days.

Also for some reason the SHS has seen fit to reproduce a second (or is it a third?) hagiographic obituary to Wolf Wayne: a Polish jew who was a communist activist (apparently not a very successful one) and a member of the ’43 group’ who as I have noted before effectively went around in packs beating up and/or seriously injuring anyone they ‘suspected’ of being in any way opposed to the rule of the chosen of Yahweh. We find the typical claims that he was discriminated against because he was jewish and that he was as ‘English as anyone’ (13) as well as the surprising factoid; left out by other hagiographers, that Wayne was captured by the Germans who apparently didn’t send him to Auschwitz in spite of knowing he was a jew (as implied by Wayne). (14)

My word is Mike Wayne (Wolf’s jewish nephew now a Professor at Brunel University) denying the ‘holocaust’? Apparently so if you believe his fellow members of the tribe like Deborah Lipstadt who view any deviation from holocaustian orthodoxy as ‘denial’ (of something although what is rather unclear), which to be sure Wayne has now committed.

In the last part of the newsletter we see the jew; Mike Wayne, cropping up again promoting some amateur film-making he did in the latest (although now largely passed) leftist fetish for all things Venezuelan under Hugo Chavez, (15) but as one leftist with a bit more intelligence than most put it: I don’t see Soviets spring up so how on earth is Chavez a socialist? It hasn’t stopped the indefatigable Mike Wayne though: he just has to tell the world about the paradise that is Venezuela a bit like how CPGB writers portrayed the Soviet Union as a literal worker’s paradise. They were of course either fools or tools and even more likely: both. It is too early to identify at which end of the idiot spectrum Wayne falls into, but rest assured we shall know presently.

Can a society of avowed egalitarians and socialists get any more kosher?

It is an infinite possibility.


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