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Dale VanderMeer
Exclamation The provocateur position of jewish communism-A quote by them:

Their own words create their own condemnation to a moral and just White society. Read what one tapir wrote how to bring down a society.:
"We, as communists, used to debate people about the existence of God and after a while, I came to the conclusion that this was a waste of time. You aren’t going to debate people away from the existence of God. But what we found was that if you get people involved in deviant sexual behavior, the whole idea of God just disappears automatically." —William Reich, jewish communist, pedophile and psychiatrist in Austria (1933)

Clearly this is the condition of society today. Saturate the society with sick, sexual practices, such as sodomy. Replace the White folks standards of morality with vice and lust.
And they wonder why they reap the 'treatment' that they deserve.

Soon White men will not be crying tears when the jews haul out their small violins. The only thing they'll receive is judgement from the awakened White masses!