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M. Gerard
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M. Gerard

The kids in Jon and Kate have an Asian father. They are half-breeds.

Neither the mother, the father nor Alana in Honey Boo Boo appear to be retards. That's what is disturbing. They just act like retards. Alana could probably be plunked in any school in the country and get along fine. Neither do they chug mayonnaise on this show. (Though if they did, there would be nothing wrong with that. Mayo is eggs and vinegar.) I have only seen a few of these shows, but in one of them the mother had a hatred and phobia of mayonnaise. The little girl dumped out a huge jar of mayo into a bowl to torment her mother. I turned off in the middle. It was so stupid. But, I have a feeling the show biz people cooked up the mayo plot, because they have some kind of mayo hang up.

The mother in Honey Boo is shacking up with Alana's dad and she is sometimes niggerish in her voice and words.

These shows, once they make it to the living room, make retardation and niggers and degeneracy normal and lovable and acceptable.