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M. Gerard
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M. Gerard

The other day Uncle Poodle, who is gay, came to visit the family.

The seven year old Honey Boo Boo said "Ain't nothing wrong with being a little gay. Everyone is a little gay." Brainwashed to the gay agenda at age seven.

The funny thing is Uncle Poodle, who would never have told his Southern family he was gay a couple of decades ago, described the family as dysfunctional rednecks, and spilled the family secrets: one of them has bugs, one of them is always picking her butt, one of them farts all the time, and I forget what else. Like gay isn't dysfunctional. He fits right in.

This little girl has turned into a loud mouthed brat over the months of filming.

The show biz people want to show her either talking about "biscuits" (vaginas), playing around with globs of messy food, or talking about poop. Lately they have sneaked in a few shots of the kid with her legs apart, showing her underpants. (They wouldn't do that to her if she was Jewish.)

Also gay, getting the whole family into costumes. What family goes out all together on Halloween, teen age girls, a seven year old and Mama and Sugar Bear (Dad)? What parents would even want their teen age girls going out trick or treating?

Thanksgiving dinner turns into a food fight. The little girl says Grace, first- "Have a good Thanksgiving, Amen". This is making a mockery of American holidays.

I think this show is very cooked up with phony activities almost every week and the family just goes along. They are also learning as the months go by to give the TV crew what they want - a lot of talk about ass-cracks, raunchy biscuits, and of course, poop.

In a way, it is like Beavis and Butthead, which was funny, but then that was only a cartoon. A step on the way down.