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Originally Posted by johanp203 View Post
Regulating medicine to remove lethal and harmful "therapies" does not limit the freedom of men.
Yes, it does. It forces all prospective therapies to line up and be tested. This process takes forever. It's not even effective. Companies have to decide which of X number of drugs to proceed with, without knowing the results at the start. Regulation limits the number of drugs developed, let alone tested, and the fact that the drugs are tested doesn't even guarantee anything.

You can still choose what therapy or if you want any therapy at all. The false choices--the ones that are known to be fraudulent--are the only ones that a physician can not in good conscience offer you.
You're a religious nut, but like most, you don't realize. Read the side effects on any FDA approved drug. You tell where drugs with side effects of "death" are any less dangerous than an unregulated market. They're not. All government regulation does is make drugs and body repair much more unaffordable than they would be in a free market. And that government-imposed unaffordability is why poor people wait so long before getting treatment. And the socialist's solution? More government.

Body repair is like anything else - or could and should be. You buy what you want. That "system" works.

But if you insist, you can go to Haiti where a witch doctor can cast a spell or offer you some emolument with magical properties.
No, I'd rather pay thousands of dollars for chemotherapy, which has killed far more people than any witch doctor and is 100% FDA approved.

Here's something you don't realize: you are precisely the same, mentally, as the customer of the Haitian practitioner.