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Angry Taking Her Husband to the Cleaners

Cyndi planned to take her husband for everything but the shirt off his back. As far as I can determine, she never brought a penny into the marriage. Steele provided for her daughter which he adopted for at least 15 years. I guessed that the ranch was worth $500,000 in 2000. Steele was to get 20% of the loot, less all remaining ranch payments. That could well have left him with nothing. Cyndi also would have pocketed large amounts of the child support payments.

Steele was quite a Christian to kiss and make up. He should have lawyered her to death, taken away her children and left her homeless. It should have been easy to prove her an unfit mother since she had been seeing a shrink for a year before she tried to divorce him. I don't want to hear any more about this loyal wife. She is really a gold digger who can shame Madonna.

Cyndi's loot
Three vehicles
$12,000 alimony
$182,436 half of money+gold/silver
$500,000 ranch
$708,218 total

Steele's loot
Three vehicles
$182,436 half of money+gold/silver
-$36,742 debts
unknown ranch debt
$145,694 total less ranch debt (may have been zero or negative remaining cash)

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