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Originally Posted by Soldatul Vostru View Post
So what you're saying is Fakins should not be allowed to vote? I agree.
Yeah, that is a great example of ilk that would have no voting rights.

Also someone like Fakins wouldn't be able to freeload and get carried on the backs of the working men in my country. You either A: get a job, or B: If you're starving you can volunteer yourself and earn 3 hots and cot at your nearest work camp.

And this isn't just about punishment, but to also help these people. Things like good work ethic and habits and be learned in a work camp, as well as possibly some types of trades, and or farming. They'll leave the work camp and be in peak physical condition, as well as be accustomed to a working man's schedule. Maybe they learned how to lay bricks while in a work camp, and can get a job as a brick layer or something when they get out, or etc.

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