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Originally Posted by N.B. Forrest View Post
I know why the cagy nigger swings.

How dare you insult America's poet laureate in such a contemptuous manner! She, crowned so by then-prez Bill "Define Sex" Clinton (upon which the babbling baboon returned the compliment by dubbing Bubba "America's first black president") passed away only last week, I'll have you know. Have you no shame? ... no shame at all?! What a prejudiced, insensitive, politically incorrect lowlife you have no consideration at all for the feelings of others! Why, I'll bet you don't even support the United Negro College Fund ... do you, Mr. Forrest? With their motto of "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" (or is that "A waste is a terrible thing to mind"?), they're totally committed to improving job opps for those poor, poor ghetto youths determined to rise above the devastation heaped them as a direct consequence of having been under the yoke of the White man for the past 400 years.

As a liberated "White" man, all I can say is that welfare, affirmative action programs, govt. loans and jobs in the post offices and driver's license bureaus (where blacks can be utterly rude to Whites without fear of getting a reprimand, let alone fired), rent assistance, food stamps, and all other set-asides and entitlements based primarily on race -- all these are nothing when it comes to what you really owe the black men, women and children of America for your past treatment of them! Again: Shame, shame, I say! You just wait til reparations become a reality, buster! then you'll really feel the agony, the pain of the so-called White man's burden! Forty acres and a mule, my aching ass! They're going to bleed you even whiter than you are now, paleface!

p.s. Kevin Phelps, or any other race-traitor POS for that matter: Mind if I sign your name(s) to this hysterical little screed? I know you'd be right proud...
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