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Emily Henderson
Default Crypto in Relation to Agribusiness

I'm gonna be gone for a week to the Beekeeping Convention, working on some things that will be really exciting but in developing stages.

I saw today a coin related to Apiary work--haven't had a chance to look heavily into it yet but there are people funding farm operations on the Blockchain, and creating special currencies to do so with something called 'Waves'.

I am a little suspicious of 'Waves' as I've read of some scams with them but we shall see.

I will incorporate some aspect of this (Blockchain) into my business at some point but have to learn more.

Here is there White Paper. Would be kewl to see lots of things similar really get off the ground, creating a new avenue for self-reliance.

I know there are others but this one is super interesting--it is done by a Russian and you 'adopt a hive' by getting the coin and you get honey mailed to you periodically.

I don't know their plan for if a colony collapses or what have you, so the ins and outs are something one has to learn.
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