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Default White Atheist Beekeping Racist 'Girl'--You Betcha, All of the Above

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
You go grrl.

Keep focusing on those bees, and give up misspellings for lent or whatever you people observe.
No, I'll focus on both racialism and bees. They go together actually, quite well.

Lol--you people--either White or Atheist, since that's what I am.

Lemme see: Lent is where, for 40 days, Christians replicate Jesus' going into the desert for 40 days...

As an actual Atheist I don't observe a-historical Catholic garbage, and as a White person I am not interested in finding the Messiah who fits the narrative for globalized world Jewry leadership.

Morality comes from evolution....tapping out their vs. there when sharing a site I'd just seen earlier is not really a moral conundrum I'm worried about.

Why, I've seen certain people putting no period at the ends of sentences and what-not, but I know that's not a morality thang, nor very interesting to point out.

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Make shit happen. Make money. Tell others how to do it.

Whining about niggers only goes so far.
Oh, I will. Racialism for me is going to be about much more than 'whining about niggers'. It always was, whether working on cases for people for hours for free, donating, or handing out Creativity cards when I was 22 and just wanted to share the info, nothing in it for me at the time but that.

Now I'm going to do that actual thing you are alluding to--but it's quite racial.

I will never disappear from racialism.

As for a business: one must set something up before they can share it. There will be a project here on the prairie (Look I done spelled prairie right!) that will interest those who like to work, and are okay with going out of anonymity into the open. It is a one-year in the making thing, though, as it involved getting a grant, licensing, and so on and is not done yet.

You betcha, I will be telling others how to do it.

But some things should be well established before drawing anti-raycis eyes to them.

But I'm not worried about being kicked out of a beekeeping convention.

Today we go to South Carolina to the convention, and it's actually still got registration available--it starts today but I'm only going for the 9th -11th for the things that involve me.

It runs to the 12th but you can go for whatever days you want.

A link if there are people who share that interest and are in the area--it is an expense but if you are seriously interested in the industry, it is a way to network and get internships/jobs, and learn as well:

^^There are similar events in all of these industries, and websites where farmers share info related to learning and internships for whatever your interest is.

I found mine on, that's where I went to find out who was near me who was already doing this and could show me, hands on, what to do.

Then I coupled that with 'book learnin'.

There is also another venture that a couple dozen people here in NoDak are doing involving hemp oil. I want to learn about this as well as the wine industry--I never would have imagined wine was possible in this State but yes indeed, it is a growing industry here. But my thing is raspberries--they grow well here.

And there is the Angora rabbit/Sheep wool for yarn that is big right next door in Saskatchewan.

I have a main focus but there will be an ability to branch out into the other industries, once one grows.

As you see with Attorneys in Texas who get Real Estate licenses automatically upon passing the Bar--they branch out, growing their money in another industry. This is all the same industry but different ventures.

I will share in this thread on all those things but I will be doing workshops both in person and online in future. Mainly on beekeeping. The rest is much farther out most likely.

Might be preggo too, must wait to see. I want our kiddos to have something we've left them that they can keep forever, hopefully loving it as much as I do but at least benefitting from it if not.

Something that can't be easily taken.

I want them to learn to be like this (this is something I hold dear): I could care less about being slobbered over for having the 'right' opinion.

If anyone is in So Carolina at this thingamajig you can recognize meh, I don't hide.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier