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Default Verifying the Origin of your Food

One presenter is covering this later today:

Finding out who produced something (Third World child labor?) or if it contains the ingredients it claims to contain--the latter being really important if one has food allergies or if they are lying and selling an unsafe product.

So there are coins from companies like using blockchain in agribusiness for the transparency--to verify the origin of the product, where it's been on it's journey, and ingredients in the foods.

On the other hand this means people may not want to buy locally if they can get what they want (or very much need) from somewhere else. And that ties into another blockchain thing-'Smart Containers'.

Even the scum of Walmart are using the IBM blockchain initiative to track Mexican mangoes all over the world, because it's more efficient--the logistics are faster and since delays can cause damaged/wasted food it's considered very interesting even to mainstream now. Kroger is doing this also.

So those two things are of interest in any food venture, not sure what will become of it--one can think of some bad aspects as well, like info getting into the wrong hands--right now they are using "permissioned blockchains" to make sure which parties are granted access to what info.

Will take time to really understand all of this, but things will change quite a bit in the next decade or so in all industries, and it will be necessary to understand. I'm more interested in the farming aspect than the business end frankly, I did organic gardening for years just for myself-but understanding that aspect is necessary if it is a livelihood of course.

It would be good for people to learn self-sufficiency just to do it, just for the sake of enjoying the craft too. Wypipo are not being encouraged to do anything anymore, and as a result we are losing our skills.

While we learn all of this technology that isn't going away, we need to know how to do things again. Our ancestors made their own furniture and their children's toys. They'd be flabbergasted that we can't do it, or that we have all this technology at our disposal and find things like that 'hard', or have no interest in them.

Think about what you really like to do, based on how you feel when you're doing it and what the results are of doing it. Then go do it.

My friend who started the Deer Repellant company made the statement about how to do what you love, 'start immediately'. Whether you're getting rid of something or starting something, 'start immediately' is a good way to do it.

It will be some time before the crypto aspect of agro is fully grasped and incorporated, the other components are first/key.

But it's likely that 'Smart Containers' and similar are on the front line of things people will be using (especially smaller businesses) due to cost, if they intend to grow.
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