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Default ApisProtect

Concluded for the day, no raycis people came or at least not that said so, lol. There's one more day of it but that was my last. This was very interesting.

A company called ApisProtect was discussed by a panel: I thought this sounded so strange at first but now I wonder why it hasn't been implemented sooner, we've had this technology for a while.

ApisProtect is an Irish Agro-Tech company, and they got a $1.8 million gob of financing to expand internationally.

They're about to open their first U.S.A based office in Salinas, California.

ApisProtect gives "real-time hive monitoring powered by satellite-enabled sensors retrofitted to existing beehives".

It's a more effective way to manage colonies.

Whenever you manually check the hive, it can allow disease, and pests to deteriorate hive health,*and this eliminates that.

I'm pretty blow away by that, it may really revolutionize the industry.

I wonder how many South African Beekeepers there are who are White, since this is being used in So. Africa.

They monitor 144 hives across Europe and here wa well but they will increase to*more than*200 units (9 million bees) by the end of 2019, according to what they presented. They'll have 20 apiaries across the U.S., Ireland, and So. Africa.

They do it by collecting data on*temp/ humidity, carbon dioxide, sound/ movement from a single sensor unit placed inside the hive.*

Nobody said how much it costs, lol. I will look into it, I think getting into the tech world for Agro is a smart idea for Whites in the US, especially who live in communities that depend of Agro for a great deal of their community members' livelihood.
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