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Stewart Meadows

The John Wick movies are pure crap, but I loved Keanu's excellent portrayal of Neo in the unbelievably fantastic movie The Matrix.

Originally Posted by Longbaugh View Post
I have spent some time around Mr. Reeves.

I have a real short list of celebrities for whom I'd step in front of a bullet.

Mr. Reeves is up there.

Way up there.

He's a class act, and I wish him the very best.

Go find another tree.
Sylvester Stallone, Muhammad Ali, Charlize Theron, Keanu Reeves... Are there any celebrities that you haven't met? Good grief...

Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
Has he said anything anti-White? Has he ever joined the kikes in brow-beating Whites?
Yes. Erik T. White started a thread about it:

If you liked "Neo" in "The Matrix" you might see that Keanu Reeves doesn't like you!!!!!