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Jim Harting

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Reports are starting to drift in from the Observance. So far we have confirmed reports from several different states and England. Most people do not report back - they just do it and get on with their day. I suppose the total number taking part this year will be in the low hundreds - although organizations in Russia and Australia indicated to me yesterday that they were going to participate. If that happened, it could have pushed the numbers way up.

Napoleon wrote that "in battle, the moral is to the physical as three is to one," that is, that the spiritual element in struggle is three-times more powerful than brute force. Or as Adolf Hitler put it, "Care must be taken not to underestimate the power of an idea." Low-key activities like the 88 Seconds have an impact on the spiritual plane that is not readily apparent and is hard to measure - but is very real, nonetheless.
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