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jewsign Hebrew Language

Old Georgian (Kartvelian) script is rooted in Aramaic.
Judaeo-Georgian dialect status as a distinct language from the Georgian language is the subject of some debate. With the exception of a significant number of Hebrew and Aramaic loanwords, the language is reportedly largely mutually intelligible with Georgian.

Legend has it, by the way, that Mesrop Mashtots invented an alphabet for the Caucasian Aryan Albanians (the former inhabitants of what is now Azerbaijan, who have nothing to do with modern Azeris or European Albanians). This alphabet was not known until the 20th century, when somebody found a page of it in an old Armenian book. Not surprisingly, it looks similar to both the Armenian and Georgian alphabets.

Certain Kartvelian-Indo-European lexical links are revealed at the protolanguage level, which are ascribed to the early contacts between Proto-Kartvelian and Proto-Indo-European populations.