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Oy Ze Hate

Germany was a land chock full of gentlemen and ladies during Hitler's time. Hitler himself was a well (mostly self) educated artist who had once had only a desire to paint and be admired for his painting.

One can't look at Hitler in a vacuum. He and Germany saw what the kikes had done in Russia in 1918, and he and many other fine Germans (the flower of Germany) took part in the horrific war that led up to that Russian Revolution greatly effected the European continent. No doubt they also knew how controlled America was. They must have known a great many things we too know. Like about the jewish "Federal Reserve" - an entity able to create as much wealth as it wants right out of the thin air. The Germans were not dummies. They had the knowing of a great many things. Alas, the losers do not write the histories.

WWI was truly a war of extreme brutality, seeing as it was the first highly mechanized war. The last of the cavalry charges took place against concentrated machine gun fire. Nothing noble, honorable, or chivalrous about any of it. Then came the disastrous Versailles Treaty and Germany was "set up" by the very jews they had trusted for so long.

Anyway, brainwashed for life as we have been, we hear the word Hitler and a host of negative connotations literally spring to mind. White people are naturally friendly, open, and trusting. All our good qualities become liabilities when a predator who uses lies as a way of life enters the fray of our civilization.

Those German gentlemen and ladies didn't know how to deal with murderous vermin. It wasn't in them to do what needed to be done from a purely racial/biological/natural standpoint. But somewhere deep in the guilty confines of the jewish psyche, they know what they deserve. Hence...the Holocaust myth.

Would that the myth had been reality. Men need to understand that nature and the earth don't care what happens to the white race. We're deep in hostile space here, all alone, alive for the first time, all of us. But these fucking jews have been around for a while...and they've got a nasty, vicious, ugly Talmudic agenda, and our race is their target. We need to meet them as they are, not as we want to be.

And Christianity is not going to be ANY help to us in ANY form. Put it in the trash with all the other supernatural belief systems.

It's them or us. And if we don't care, nothing will. Does might make right? You tell me. Does a hungry shark have tinges of conscience when it bites into the helpless seal pup? Because the jew is the hungry shark and we're the seal pups.

No more Mr. Nice Guy, white man.