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Prateek Sanjay
October 10, 2010 • 8:59 PM

Jake's post reminds me of a really good, decade-old piece in LRC titled The Yankee Problem in America, which I believe was written somebody who also writes for Chronicles. I don't remember who. It was written during the time of Bush vs. Gore election.

It said the same things, but only in more detail. The executive summary is that Yankees never really have compassion or sympathy but only a sense of moral superiority. In the name of this moral superiority, they will destroy the way of living of millions of people for supposedly saving the oppressed, even though they care little for the oppressors and oppressed. It is "immoral", they would always deem, when opposing anything.

Of course, while this amazing, amazing historical perspective was pretty enlightening, I found one problem. The piece was written by an avid Bush supporter, who said that only people of the Yankee world support Gore, while the regions of the humble, hardworking masses support Bush. Actually, now I am not entirely sure if The Yankee Problem In America was written by a Chronicles writer, because Chronicles writers aren't fond of Bush, but the style and similarity was there.

[they don't leave anyone else any room to breathe in. they aren't comfortable in their skin, and thoughtfully share their neurasthenia with human folk via moral crusades against every known pleasure by means up to and certainly includig bloody mass-murderous war]