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I know people claim Taylor's wife is a jew, but I don't believe that. There's never been any evidence it's true. Weber isn't WN, so doesn't matter.
Don't think so, I think she could be part French, never heard she was a jew.

Is Piper known for making things up? What specifically did he say?
Is the Pope a Catholic

Piper along with his mentor Willis Carto always make certain parts "fit" into their conspiratorial meme. With those guys everything is a conspiracy, I'm not sure if they believe it or not themselves.

One whooper was how Taylor and Weber met in Africa. Piper throws in the caveat that the CIA where active in that region at this time. Hence in a underhand way saying that both Weber and Taylor are CIA, which is nonsense.

Weber isn't WN, so doesn't matter
This is not true, Weber is most certainly not a WN, but a National Socialist. He was News Editor of Dr. Pierce's National Vanguard magazine in the early days.
Aryan Matters

VNN Media

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