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Originally Posted by Rick Ronsavelle View Post
Polarization by forcing folks to veer away from Taylor lovers, thus moving in the right, non-conservative direction.

I look at TOO, OD, and a few others as BTN- better-than-nothing. I'm not sure that it is BTN. My tolerance for statist politics is low.

As the years have gone by, I leave sites from where I started. I found out about AMREN from an ad placed in Horowitz' monthly Heterodoxy. Then I used to follow Sailer and VDARE. This was long ago.
Well it seems like CC and TOO are moving toward Taylor.

I still read LRC, but that's the only one out of my old circle. No interest in Vdare or WND or horowitz' thing. Seldom read AmRen. Never read Salon anymore.