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This is what I was told -

MacDonald, Taylor, Weber, the American Third Position guys (Merlin Miller) and Johnson meet in California every few months or so to plan strategy, socialize, etc.

MacDonald and Johnson choose to associate and form strategy with Weber and Taylor, one a pro-Semitic traitor to whites and the other a traitor to Revisionists.

Taylor's danger to our people and this movement has been covered here very well, but Weber's backstabbing and destruction of the IHR is covered on CODOH forums, or by Michael Collins Piper, or you can ask Fritz Berg about it (of nazigassings.com).

The guy who told me about these meetings is a white guy who attended at least one of these California get-togethers. He has an asian wife...

Whites with asian wives, a philo-semite, and a guy who destroyed the upward momentum of the largest American revisionist organization are all part of this California based "elite" which is telling us not to talk about the gas chamber and "gas van" lies known as "The Holocaust". This is the "New Right" strategy for success?

Mark Weber took a successful organization, castrated it, and ran it into the ground.

I think if you would ask Johnson about this, he would admit he's been to these get-togethers with Weber and Taylor. It's obvious. He quotes Mark Weber as a source to back up his point of view. "First, as Mark Weber has pointed out..."

VNN is one of the few places for the younger generation to turn to which tells the whole truth -

Christianity is bullshit, "The Holocaust" is a hoax in the same Semitic tradition.

I was listening to Alex on the Carolyn Yeager show so in some sense my response to Johnson was inspired by his appearance.

Look at the young Ron Paul kids Linder referenced. These are the kinds of people we should go after, and tell them that Noah's Ark, Santa, Jesus, and The Holocaust are myths, racial differences are real.

Every white person we are able to reach and un-brainwash will become our base - for life. Not a bunch of Christians who watch the Hitlery Channel and have asian wives but really don't like blacks.

Look at how popular Alex Jones is, who reaches out to young people looking for "the truth" but instead absorb his misdirections?

This is the documentary video I made -

This small segment, cut out of the documentary by a viewer and re-uploaded, has gotten over 100,000 hits.

Sure, it's crude - a large part of it was made while I was living in my car (it's impossible to get decent employment as a hate / thought criminal). But I take their Holocaust weapon and turn it back on them.

I view Johnson's article as a direct reaction to the small gains deniers have made recently, mostly reaching young minds - without Weber - doing things such as creating documentaries, http://onethirdoftheholocaust.com and suing Jews such as diamondshitter Zisblatt and even Spielberg.

Another guy who posts on the comments to Johnson's article - ZionCrimeFactory, is a very talented video editor whose videos have been seen tens of thousands of times. If Johnson had any idea what he was doing he would reach out to this talented segment of the WN community instead of push them away. But this is all by Weber / Taylor's design as infiltrators.

On another note, I was also contacted for the Zoomer Media piece Linder was interviewed for, but turned it down. I've recently conducted an interview via email that will be published in a major publication.

My website is holocaustdenier.com.