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North Dakota is for slackers (according to Canadian oil-field workers). Here's a recent posting from a forum you might find interesting.

I just spoke with a fellow who has fracked with a specialty operation for 5 years. Not camp life but living out of hotels. Money? He owns his own business and has decided to work that this winter. The fracking salary he turned down was $4200 per month. Not too bad. Oh, his lease bonus, that's the money he gets as soon as he sets foot on the lease is another $680. That's per day. If he is there 10 minutes or 10 hours he earns his lease bonus. His company does not step lease bonus. If he works a typical 15 and 6 that's about $20k per month. If he works his days off then it's $30k per month All living expenses, that is hotels and meals are covered too. He makes about $150k a winter and runs his ice cream business in the summer. He has a new baby and decided to take the winter off. The job will be there for him when he decides to return.
Halliburton employee with 1 year experience on chems. $3800 base and $480 lease bonus. Real numbers from real people.
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