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Default Samuel Adams Pale Ale

Samuel Adams was one of the original, and perhaps best known "micro-breweries" or small batch craft brewers that burst onto the American beer scene a few years back.

Best known for their excellent Boston Lager, Samuel Adams Pale Ale is one of the brewery's Brew Masters selection. It's seasonal, available during Spring/Summer only.

This ale pours light gold in the chilled pub glass, it actually looks a little watered down.

It's not.

The initial hop aroma is much more subdued than other Pale Ale's reviewed on this thread. It's got a slight pine forest note, which is nice, but I generally prefer a more aggressively hopped Pale Ale. One gets the feeling the brewer is trying hard not to offend neophyte Bud Lite drinkers.

English hops are used, Fuggles and East Kent Goldings.

American Amber 2-row malt is used, which explains it's really quite light complexion.

The finish is dry, with no discernible aftertaste.

All in all, a decent beer, but pretty unremarkable. Grab a Bass Ale instead.

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