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Default Beer: When I was 18

I worked at a Bavarian Rathskeller in Washington, DC and a regular customer was the late Werner von Braun, the V2 inventor brought to America by the Berlin airlift; no doubt he came looking for a little bit of home. I have his autograph somewhere on a cocktail napkin. The music was from an accordion, a violin, and two pianos. A large percentage of the customers always sang along to the popular songs in German. It was always very festive. The food was authentic, the chef from Argentina, and the customers all very decent. Lowenbrau was on draft, both light and dark, and in September the draft bock beer arrived. While I like dark beer, my favorite has always been Lowenbrau light draft, even at Oktoberfest.

Recently, I tried Bohemia from Mexico in glass and it is very good. The local grocery carries it and, for the price, I recommend it.