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Violence works-just read a little history.

The type of violence that doesn't work, is short term,reactionary type-which in fact the left loves.They(liberals ) can handle this kind,because they own the armies and weapons and the factories and governments that produce them.

At this point-it's already way way past too late to even consider that any respectable white person might even have any options left-there are none.

Essentially-in reality, The War is ON; and has definitely been on, since way before most who are reading this were born.You WILL either fight or perish.

Todays war isn't, and can't be, like the wars of our ancestors.That was then,and now is a very very different time.

Previously,those who fought against such incredible odds were never, in reality, in a full scale, world wide race war.White America and Europe are.

Our enemies are extremely powerful,clever and unbelievably ruthless,cunning,desperate and extremely self righteous and relentless.They have worked,trained,stolen and killed to get to the point of control they possess today; and they aren't about to allow even a few hundred thousand casualties to change the course of their agenda.

*Hopelessness,is a point- beyond which, only the strongest and most patience and dedicated soldiers and warriors are allowed to travel-mainly because; there can never be any expected success or return within their foreseeable life times.

White people today are just in the beginning stages of understanding what any actual change might be; and what it will actually take to facilitate this change for the far distant future.

The past is done.White dominance by example and acceptance is gone and over.What follows is, and must be, is-nonwhite dominance,followed by the long term self realization of incompetence,inability and stark cold hard core FEAR.

ONLY,as nonwhites learnwhat they have collectively lost in white control,excellence,abilities and skills will they "have to come to reason".Then,and only then will they again welcome white dominance and control as their ONLY saving grace.

Getting there,will require patience,skill,strength and long term clandestine work;all of which is currently just starting and building today by those most dedicated to our white future.As nonwhites devolve and devour themselves,we can and should be building and creating our futures directly along side these creatures; to facilitate our next agenda of control and supremacy-forever.

Don't shoot,build.
Build your education,your wealth,your strength,your families and your future.
These are the things the left fear most.There are the things they know can eventually destroy them in the long term.

Jews have learned and taught themselves to think in terms of generations,as have Arabs and Asians.Only niggers, so far, have been so foolish as the live for, and settle for, short term gratification.