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Violence is the basis of all human rights and liberties; without it, men would be subject to the brutal and arbitrary tyranny of others. As Thomas Jefferson said: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. There could be no cultural and scientific progress, creativity or resolution of historic grievances without violence. Violence energizes and breathes new life into decaying social institutions. It is a mistake to see violence as a primarily negative act; it is one that is spiritual and uplifting because of its capacity to sweep away the ancien regime and give birth to a whole new social order, free of the injustice of the old tyrants.

Now this form of violence, which is really the regenerative act of a supremely creative agent, should not be confused with the random, hedonistic violence of the nigger criminal or the corrupt cop. The nigger acts on his own base, animalistic impulses and lashes out with no higher purpose in view, save the nigger's instinct for self-gratification. Revolutionaries and nationalists despise this kind of violence because it is destructive and purely materialistic; non-ideologically motivated violence is always anathema to the man who wishes to rebuild or reform the social order.