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Originally Posted by Matthaus Hetzenauer View Post
And there we have it: precisely what our enemy, the jew, would have the gullible goyim do; while he of course resorts to what he so sanctimoniously preaches against, violence, as the final solution to all peoples that he considers beneath him, i.e., every other race on earth. And speaking of blatant hypocrisy...

Isn't it just a wee bit ironic how the "benevolent jew", he who we've been brainwashed into believing these many years is grossly offended by man's inhumanity toward man, he who's the very first to become morally outraged at any perceived injustices perpetrated by one man against another, was at the forefront, the vanguard in the war to end apartheid in South Africa; yet today Israel is the only nation on the planet whose govt. officially condones and practices that very same injustice (political, legal and economic discrimination) against the Palestinians and Arabs living within "his" borders? the land he stole right out from under the noses of the people who've inhabited that soil for thousands of uninterrupted years?
you forgot to mention their treatment of the immigrant negroes.

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