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Originally Posted by confederate View Post
you forgot to mention their treatment of the immigrant negroes.
Good point; thanks for the reminder.

And that's another thing, folks...

How in early 1960s America God's Precious Darlings were busy organizing "Freedom Riders": northern liberal collegians led by radical jew students to ride buses along the interstate; their primary mission being to egg on otherwise relatively content southern blacks to obtain their "civil rights." And as was the case in South Africa, though blacks in the US were eventually successful in challenging the status quo, blacks in Israel today are treated much worse than their Americoon brothers ever were in the post-war South. Apparently what's good for the goose is not good for the gander. But yet once again international jewry is at the forefront in the worldwide war to integrate/incorporate blacks into White-run countries, thereby enabling the moon crickets to easier practice the levelling laws of miscegenation, the "joys" of race pollution/dilution; but God forbid they practice what they preach in Israel. Oh, no! Fuuuck no!!
Wit' jews ya lose; wit' rope deah's hope.
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