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Donald E. Pauly
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Smile Latest Whiny Rant from Jail

Steele's latest rant from jail is whiny and irrelevant to his real problems. Jails have every justification for monitoring letters and phone calls both going in and out. Inmates sometimes order their associates on the outside to commit illegal acts such as intimidating witnesses and revenge killings. Those outside sometimes get their inmate collaborators to kill or injure other inmates. Both of these activities are frequently tied with blackmail or extortion. After Steele was charged with intimidating his witness wife, his surveillance was properly increased.

Steele is in a poor position to whine if his attorney interviews were monitored or his letters to them were read. What damage was done anyway by monitoring his attorney communications? The evidence against him was damning. After all he abused the legal mail system to write steamy love letters to his Ukrainian honey Tatyana Loginova from jail.

I don't believe that he is being hampered in his appeal. His new lawyer Hoyt has filed a 70 page motion for a new trial and is likely handling his appeal. Steele needs to see that he is to blame for all of his problems for not firing his public defender immediately and handling his own case. Since he is crazy he cannot see this and all of this makes sense.