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Your argument is a moving target. First its how Hitler was a coward. Now youre talking about 2000 other Nazi party members. Well. Hitler wasnt a coward and he had a warlord's death at his own hand in the Roman manner. Goebbels was a mastermind of the first order and I can only say it makes me cringe how he took his beautiful family with him. I can only understand that in light of the hateful revenge that I have seen Jews try and take on people's families... and say that Goebbels knew that after all he had done, a sickening fate awaited them if they lived. The Jew Zealots did no less at their vaunted "Masada" eh?

As for you calling me Annie Oakley, that is funny. I take it as a compliment as she was a reknowned shooter. I'm not tenth the sharpshooter she was to be sure but I'm a passable shot at IDPA and IPSC. If you want to insult me to my face you can use your wits to find me and say what you've got to say like any other. I've got regular hours and if you've got the capability and smarts and balls to find me we can see who is a coward face to face.

Otherwise I would point out to you that this is the "civil forum" and your suggestion that "the 'Armchair warriors' (in whose ignoble ranks the likes of AnniOakleyus Epiphaneus would be included" if is pretty uncivil.

As for your pops being in the Wehrmacht, him and a few million others. I've met more than one and most of them dont like to talk about it is my experience. Are you saying your kin's view is the only correct view? Are you saying I am a coward because I disagree? Why dont you look up "argument ad hominem" and find out the quality of that socalled "armument"

Good day to you Daisy-