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[QUOTE=Dasyurus Maculatus]
Originally Posted by AnnieOakley Epiphanes wrote[I
"I normally dont approve of suicide but in this case his deeds were exceptional and you puking forth of that kosher vomit about him here will not be appreciated. "[/I] .[/QUOTE:

Yeah my old man must have been an 'unorthodox' j** then ? - because he was in the SturmAbteilung and took part in the events fighting for Germany, but thats bye the bye 'AnnieOakley' old girl.

But back to timeline Berlin May and April 1945 at the time of Hitler's last will and testament:

Goebbels had to issue an order on Saturday 21st April 1945 as the senior Nazis rushed out of Berlin to leave Adolf 'high and dry' against the encroaching red menace. Over 2,000 'passes' had suddenly been requested by Nazi Party 'Armchair warriors'.

Colonel von Refior (General Reymann's Chief of Staff) had commented on the 'rats leaving the sinking ship' as Goebbels order was transmitted by Werwolfsender that 'no man capable of bearing arms may leave Berlin'.

As the Fuehrer waited, brown uniformed Nazi officials described by Reymann as cowards received their passes from his headquarters on the Hohenzollerendamm with his memoirs recording that he was 'happy to sign them, since it was better for the defense of Berlin to be rid of such cowards'.

Many who couldnt get a pass or run away committed suicide - including Goebbels who opted not to fight.

Whilst the ordinary soldier was engaged in waging the final and greatest decisive battle of the Reich, the 'Armchair warriors' (in whose ignoble ranks the likes of AnniOakleyus Epiphaneus would be included if in that time and scenario?) had to be kept in line by the threat of the noose or a firing squad.

I still think it spineless that people (irrespective of their rank or importance real or imaginary) who could have aimed and fired a gun at the invading Russian horde, opted instead to commit suicide - the loser's way out.
First of all, most of the upper Wehrmacht Generals couldn't wait to surrender to the Western allies at that point in the war. Your story of the Battle of Berlin sounds nothing like the one in every major History book. From what I've heard, those 10,000 Hitler Youth boys who were sent to hold the Havel bridges to the west of Berlin did more fighting than your precious General Wenck, Reymann, or Heinrici. Hell, the remainder of the Waffen-SS Nordland Division made up of Norwegians, French, Danes, and Swedes did a better job of defending the heart of Berlin than the Wehrmacht Generals who were too busy trying to avoid Russian captivity which is ironically the same VICE you accuse Hitler and Goebbels of.