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Originally Posted by Fredrik Haerne
So Dasyurus now has nothing else to attack Hitler and Goebbels for than taking their own lives. *S*

On top of that, Dasyurus, your last post indicates that you don't understand what an "armchair warrior" is. It's someone who doesn't have any part in the fighting but who still complains and thinks he could have done it better -- like you in this thread. Those who do have a role in the war, whether as soldiers or as officers, cannot be called armchair warriors, and neither can it be used to slander a civilian for not taking part in the fighting; if you want an insult for them you'll have to come up with another one, but to use "armchair warriors" is erroneous.
The term 'Armchair Warriors' was not my term, nor of my invention.
It is a term I had quoted from Historian Anthony Beevor's detailed analysis of the Fall of Berlin in 1945.

Whether its taken as a term of slander? or as a fitting and accurate description? ; depends on your sensitivity or that of the receptor.

OttoRemer quotes; "..trying to avoid Russian captivity which is ironically the same VICE you accuse Hitler and Goebbels of.".
I had not "accused" anyone of "trying to avoid captivity" nor explicitly of "VICE" either.

But as you mention the term vice, I state that the reprehensible and terminal "VICE" of suicide, was cowardly. Instead of having the soldiers courage to fight others, the high profile characters in the thread topped themselves, the Wussmeister's option.

Whilst children were sent by Goebbels and Hitler to fight on the front line, Hitler and Goebbels opted tostay well away, and even kill themselves before the front line came knocking on their front door. They would then have have had to risk the same fortunes of a war that they had condemned millions of others to experience .

Instead of having the balls to trust in the hands of fate and Soldatenluck, they topped themselves.

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