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Fredrik Haerne
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Originally Posted by Dasyurus Maculatus
The term 'Armchair Warriors' was not my term, nor of my invention.
It is a term I had quoted from Historian Anthony Beevor's detailed analysis of the Fall of Berlin in 1945.
Again, I iterate: you use the term incorrectly when you use it as slander against officers or civilians for not fighting. It is used for people who don't have any part in a war but who talk about how they could have run it better. What you want to insult here does not fall into that category, book or no book, so you'll have to find some other word to use.

And again, suicide is not cowardly under those circumstances. What do you think, could Hitler and Goebbels have turned back the Russians if they had become footsoldiers? Two more soldiers would have done the trick? Of course not. It was good that they avoided capture. If you want to attack Hitler, find something else.