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Fredrik Haerne
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Originally Posted by Antiochus Epiphanes
I spoke my peace on Goering. He revitalized himself from a physically and mentally debilitated state, and rose to defended the actions of the government at the illegal drumhead courtmartial called Nuremberg and right before the end deprived the illegal tribunal its gory trophy. His conduct was an example of National Socialist resilience, pluck, elan and and loyalty.
Absolutely: he performed well at the Nürnberg trial, with his fantastic memory. In the book about the trial it is clear that he ripped apart the prosecution's case. It was a farce, a show trial like those the communists held in the Soviet Union, one of the clearest examples of all times of how the Jews exploit and distort our laws and systems.

When the case against Milosevic was prepared in Hague, one of the judges was asked by a journalist at a press conference why the gathering of evidence took longer than before the Nürnberg trial. His reply: "We wanted to do a better job this time."