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Originally Posted by Fredrik Haerne
Absolutely: he performed well at the Nürnberg trial, with his fantastic memory. In the book about the trial it is clear that he ripped apart the prosecution's case. It was a farce, a show trial like those the communists held in the Soviet Union, one of the clearest examples of all times of how the Jews exploit and distort our laws and systems.

When the case against Milosevic was prepared in Hague, one of the judges was asked by a journalist at a press conference why the gathering of evidence took longer than before the Nürnberg trial. His reply: "We wanted to do a better job this time."
Yes and Milosevic took a page from Goering's book in two ways: firstly denying the jurisdiction and legitimacy of the tribunal, and secondly, by arguing that as an acting head of state he was covered by sovereign immunity. strong defences and the bottom line is that the tribunals and liars and hypocrites for granstanding about "international law" when the idea of sovereign immunity is one of the most basic tenets of international law there is.

And you are right, officers at the level of generals and heads of state are strategic and in modern warfare have the ability and responsibility to direct the battle from a position of command control and communication which usually is not in the trench next to the buck private. But Daisy knows better!