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Default Spic hit and run driver kills 13 year old White child.

NEW CANEY, Texas — A driver was placed under arrest Saturday after a deadly hit-and-run in southeast Montgomery County. The victim, 13-year-old Kendrick Owens, was killed when he was struck by the suspect’s pickup truck. It happened on FM 1485 and Kidd Cemetery Road.
The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said several motorists reported a reckless driver traveling in a 1998 blue Dodge Dakota pickup truck around 9 a.m.
Shortly after, a wrecker driver spotted the vehicle and began to follow it.
Owens, a seventh grader from Keefer Crossing, was leaving a sleepover. He and a friend were walking on the paved shoulder when the pickup truck swerved into their path.
The friend managed to jump out of the way, but Owens was hit and the impact threw him over the guard rail.
Witnesses rushed to the child’s aid while the wrecker driver continued to follow the fleeing pickup.
The suspect, Javier Correa, then drove to his own home in the 17000 block of Oak Grove.
The wrecker driver confronted Correa, telling him that he had struck a child. The suspect then went into his home and came out a few minutes later.
Officers arrived and placed Correa under arrest. They said he smelled heavily of alcohol.
Owens was airlifted to the hospital with a severe head injury. He could not be saved.
Family and friends gathered at the New Caney Worship Center Saturday evening to hold a vigil in Owens’ memory.
DPS troopers said Correa is now being charged with failing to stop and render aid and intoxication manslaughter.
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