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Angry Silver Stash Squandered

Originally Posted by Rounder View Post
1) The actual audio tapes are not available ?? Only computer downloaded renditions ?? And still, the defense may not present expert witnesses to comment on the downloaded renditions ?? Surely, the jury will be made aware of this and discuss it's blatant biasness against Steele.

2) The price of silver has tripled to $48.00 per ounce since Steele's arrest. And according to his loud and persistent encouragments to purchase lots of silver, he probably owned more than 20,000 ounces himself. Or around $1 million dollars worth. Very possibly much more. But didn't the feds confiscate it all so he couldn't afford good attorneys ??
We don't know the make and model of the recording device. I read somewhere that the Famous But Incompetent have been using this same model for 10 years. It may not have phone or speaker outputs.

There seem to be three $1,000 face value bags of pre-1965 U.S. silver coins missing here. They would be weigh about 75 pounds each and be worth $150,000 at current silver prices. Steele would have had to be crazy to part with them for the scumbag Fairfax when the price was going out of sight. This is another Negro in the woodpile here.

Another Negro is this woodpile is why Steele has not handled his own defense. It also appears that he will not testify. It would seem to me that this is a perfect forum for him to make fools of the government if he is indeed innocent.