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Angry Steele's Alibi Explained

Originally Posted by Hadding View Post
Yes, that's in the famous jailhouse recording wherein he tells her that regardless of what she herself thinks, she must say that it is not her husband's voice in the recording, because she will bear an eternal burden of guilt if she does not.

I said that telling her to put aside her own opinion and to state an opinion that was not her own (as if it were her own) was the same as telling her to lie.
I didn't make my point clear. Steele told his wife to deny that was him on the recordings before he knew what was on them. He also came up with the claim that Fairfax had stolen his silver before he could have even known what silver if any was missing.

It is undisputed that Fairfax had been doing routine chores the day before Steele was arrested. Steele did not mention to the cops who came to arrest him that Fairfax had stolen $45,000 worth of silver. He had a long conversation with them prior to his arrest. Steele later claims that Fairfax planted the pipe bomb on Cyndi's truck to kill him and hide the theft. Then he claims that Fairfax went to the FBI and they manufactured the recordings to frame him. This is a strange kind of silver thief.

The FBI also overlooked Fairfax's silver theft. They did consider the 600 ounces of silver that Fairfax claimed that Steele gave him. This recording was done in 11 days and including a train whistle and a cell phone call from Steele's own cell phone records. What attention to detail! What if that train had been late that day? Why did the Feds make Fairfax repay the $10,000 worth of silver that he claimed to have received from Steele? Why did they give him two years in prison? Inquiring minds want to know.

One of the best proofs that Steele was not framed is the fact that his websites have not been touched. He was allowed to write dozens of rants from jail in which he accused the government of framing him. He did not testify and his supposed audio experts never did claim that the recordings were fakes. Steele ranted against the government for framing him for 90 minutes during sentencing. He filed a bar complaint against the prosecutor which was heard before the Idaho State Supreme Court. This is a serious felony charge that he was framed. There is absolutely no support for it.

Steele's wife has been allowed to repeatedly beg for money and claim that her husband has been framed. She has not filed the required IRS reports for a non-profit corporation for two years in a row. It looks to me like that she is partners with the government. It is a marriage of convenience just like her marriage to Steele. The government has displayed the patience of a buzzard when it comes to Steele and company accusing it of framing him.

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