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Smile Steele's Coin Shop Comes on Hard Times

Cyndi's supposed webmaster Bob Magnuson, AKA Latebloomer, stormed on this thread like he owned it just after Steele was arrested. He was plugging it to collect money that was to be used for Steele's defense. Varg and Mr Linder challenged him and he got his panties in a twist and stormed off. I have also hurt his feelings by making fun of his silly website. He seems to be on the right track here for a change. For once his silly website has something worth reading. We want Bobby back. There are sooo many questions to ask him.

CoiNuts’ owners wriggle out of criminal behavior, 3/5/2013, CDA Press | Free Edgar Steele

3/5/2013, CDA Press
2013 MARCH 24
by admin

(The owners of CoiNuts’ testified for the prosecution in Mr. Steele’s 2012 Boise trial. One wonders if their apparent good luck avoiding conviction below has any connection with their testifying for the G’ment in Boise. FES Admins.)

CoiNuts’ former customers demand payment

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Posted: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 11:31 am | Updated: 11:33 am, Tue Mar 5, 2013.
By DAVID COLE | 22 comments

COEUR d’ALENE — Former customers of the now-closed CoiNuts shop in Coeur d’Alene allege the owners swindled them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Those customers say the owners — Kevin E. Mitchell and step-daughter Sarah M. Mitchell — used methods that were simple and twofold at the shop located at 296 W. Sunset Ave.
The story details the troubles that CoiNuts is having. This is where Steele mysteriously sold about 3,000 ounces of silver in April before he was arrested. How much if any of the $55,000 that he got for it wound up going to Tatyana has never been determined. There is NO indication that any of their testimony against Steele was false. You can read it at http://steelewentcrazy.org/steele/day4.pdf 4-904-1. Why Steele would deal with a scumbag like Mitchell is not clear. All of the checks that Steele got did clear the bank however. The testimony implied that Steele had never dealt with the coin shop before. This would be expected if he was trying to hide the transaction from his wife.

Cyndi spun the testimony and claimed that the silver was sold to pay ordinary bills. I think that she was lying and that Steele sold it behind her back to get cash for Tatyana. Is the webmaster saying that any of Mitchell's testimony in the Steele trial was false? Perhaps his panties are in a twist for it being true. This is just like the Steele Cheerleaders to beat up on someone for truthful testimony.

I wonder if the Magnuson lawyer defending CoiNuts is one of Bobby's relatives. Inquiring minds want to know.

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