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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
For newcomers and those like Bev who have not read this thread, I repost an interesting analysis by Hadding. He keeps figuring stuff out before I do. It is not clear whether he is a lucky guesser or has some secret that I have not figured out. He correctly observed that Jew trafficking in White women was old news 20 years ago. Steele never did claim that he was investigating such trafficking. Hadding sees a sinister motive in the Steele cheerleaders. All is does it give -JC an excuse for off topic posts. It would be better if he posted on the Tooth Fairy's antics.
Why do you keep repeating the old and failed lie that I haven't read the thread? It's you who keeps "finding" "new" things in the thread and you who is getting confused over who attended the trial, not me.

As for the rest of this post - it is a red herring. It is not suggested that this is the be all and end all motive for your government to get Steele.

*If* and I repeat *if* it was a frame-up, the true motive may never be known.

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